Product Marketing Specialist - B2B SaaS

Ahmedabad, Gujarat   |   Full Time

Fasproc is a fast process automation platform that lets you build and run processes across teams, customers and partners. It lets you automate approval, onboarding, review, access control, signature, compliance, checklist and more processes as one can imagine. Knowledge professionals who understand the process better can design and automate it themselves in minutes. With optimized people activity at every step, attentive work queues and collaborations, Fasproc ensures processes move consistent and fast.

In order to serve this exciting market segment, The platform not only needs to be technologically advanced, but also deliver superior user experience at Scale. Our Technology stack and engineering challenges are as big as it gets in any modern SaaS based B2B Platform. Being cloud based, innovative SaaS product also attract new opportunities to acquire, retain and grow customer base by leveraging unique business strategy.

If you are a go-getter-done kind, have a desire to contribute from scratch and possess a learning and evolving attitude, We are looking for you. This is the opportunity.

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You Do :

  • Develop and execute Product Marketing Strategy by understanding the product, market segments and brand positioning.
  • Research Keywords, Develop Content Ideas, Blog Outlines and coordinate with writers and designers to have quality content.
  • Responsible for content promotion activities and all innovative marketing activities.
  • Analyze our brand’s digital footprint and convert insights into action for better domain and topic authority across the target audience.
  • Outreach for generating quality back-links and manage PR relations.
  • Engage with potential customers in various communities and generate quality leads .
  • Research Market, conduct user interviews and research competitive landscape.

You Have :

  • Passion and desire to understand the product, market and technology of our domain.
  • Customer Centric mindset and Strong ability to ideate content.
  • Extensive experience on SEO, Content Marketing and Positioning of B2B SaaS Product.
  • Strong analytical skills and have worked with SEO tools like Ahref, Moz etc.
  • Strong Professional Communication Skills.

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